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More 3D Javascript

Another bit of 3D Javascript. I added depth sorting, and a colourful cube. *edit* Note the depth sorting is done on the centroid, which isn’t entirely correct, but it’ll do for now. What can I say, all these years of … Continue reading

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Trials HD

Saw Trials HD today, and it looks really good. Just like Fight Night it shows that when you have a small amount of objects in your game, you can really go to new levels with making them really lush! Very … Continue reading

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The Best Superhero Movie

Which is the best Superhero Movie? Well for me it’s a toss-up between Superman, Spiderman and Iron Man. They are all excellent for different reasons, Superman because, well it’s Superman isn’t it? It’s like Star Wars or Back to the … Continue reading

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A couple of Carpool’s caught my eye: Brian Cox – awesome, I could listen to him all day… “I’d have to reconsider how fridges work”: And Sharon Corr off of the Corrs:

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