Out Run GBA Demo

This is a demo of a conversion of Out Run to GBA (just the first level).

Unfortunately I didn’t get to do the full thing (it got done by a company… in London I think…) Excuse the jerky video, I captured it using CamStudio and Boycott Advance. It does run on a real GBA (the original 16mhz one!) but the trees do flicker because there’s too many scaled sprites on one line.

I’m quite excited about this currently because I thought I’d lost it forever (my laptop hard drive died ages ago and I never recovered the data),  but found it intact on an old backup CD!

YouTube – Out Run GBA demo.

I’m quite proud of this, and iirc it helped me get my job at Bizarre all those years ago!

Here is a link to the arcade version so you can see how it matches up:

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