Modern Awe-Fare

“VGChartz predicts that Modern Warfare 2 will comfortably outperform GTA IV in overall revenue – around $500 million is expected to be generated worldwide in the first week…”

Sobering thought! But not as sobering as this:

“…more than any film, book or music product in history.”

That’s amazing if true (which I guess it probably is…), and made all the more sweeter by the fact that based on my first night of playing (I’m halfway through), it’s an absolutely amazing game! This isn’t some hyped up nonsense, this is genuinely well-crafted polished game with a really interesting story…

When I was growing up playing Megadrive and SNES games, I’m not sure how those used to sell, but I remember thinking of it in term of a little hobby us school-kids used to have, dwarfed in popularity by the average cinema release. It’s just bizarre to me to think of computer games as massive as they currently are, kinda scary in a way, but really exciting too.

MW2 was the biggest launch of any piece of media, ever, in the history of the world. Can’t get that thought out my head…!

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