000webhost … hmmmm

My blog is usually hosted on free PHP website 000webhost under dave.hostzi.com (davecity.wordpress.com being a mirror)… who up until now have provided an excellent service (although their combination of FTP and the NetDrive program I use to upload files seems a little bit flaky).

However today I logged in to find the account said it was ‘deleted’ with a link to the terms of service (which to my knowledge I am not breaking…) although interestingly I noticed their TOS said they can delete an account ‘for any reason’, which seems a bit ropey… Can they delete the account if they don’t like the name ‘Dave’?

What’s slightly annoying is I’ve lost the last few days of Blur posts and review links, with currently no way of getting them back. I tried emailing support on their website however got stuck in an odd catch-22 situation – if I put my email into the website it says I am a member and should open a support query by logging in. However logging in is impossible since my account was deleted! I eventually found a cunning workaround by capitalising the first letter of my email address, and that was accepted. I now just have to hope that any reply is correctly forwarded to me!

I’m not holding my breath for a response though – it might be time to bite the bullet and try paid hosting instead, perhaps with an offsite backup system… definitely not with 000webhost of course, grrr!

*edit* – I’ve opened an enquiry with 000webhost, however they have closed it without any reply. Not happy at all!

Ticket #145282 - General Inquiry
Last Update: 92h 48m 52s
General Request
Last Reply By: Customer
Status: Closed
Posted by Customer, on March 16, 2010, 19:02:04
Dear Sir/Madam,
My email address is dave*******.com - I have an account with 000webhost. When I logged in today I received a message saying my account as been cancelled, and to read the Terms of Service. I would like to know why my account has been terminated?

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