The God Confusion

I’m currently reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, which is a fantastic book, and I’ve been trying to imagine what would I make of it if I was devoutly religious… I think my first reaction would be “My God, this Dawkins chap is also devoutly religious… against religion!”, despite the fact that he very logically points out that this both isn’t the case and doesn’t make sense anyway.

It taking ages to read because I keep getting distracted by amazing videos on YouTube by Dawkins debating and lecturing, and in one case a great speech once made by Douglas Adams. But watching those videos has made me realise that since Dawkins wrote his first book in the 70s, he’s probably just really tired of having to debate the same thing over and over and so thought “Do you know what, if I just go ahead and write a book saying ‘there probably is no god, and here’s the logical reasoning why’ at least I won’t have to repeat myself all the time!

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