Starting at THQ

Everything has been crazy hectic at the moment so I haven’t had time to blog, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Bizarre folks are great and I’m gonna miss working with them
  • It’s going to be weird having folks going all over the world on my Facebook!
  • I’m starting at …*drumroll* THQ Digital Studios Warrington on Monday (very excited and nervous but also looking forward to meeting people since they are meant to be absolute code Ninjas)
  • Lots of good press for Lucid
  • Loads of great videos coming out of the woodwork:

Audio team research trip:

Years ago respected developer Stephen Cakebread did a Halo/PGR Mashup:

Drift School:

Eamon does a video which makes everyone cry buckets:

…and while drinking with the increasingly famous Mr Steven Tovey, found that SCEE’s bar do 6 beers for 6 pounds and have free popcorn, which if nothing else really made me feel like a student again!

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