How do we get smaller FOVs into gameplay?

Recently I watched the Assassins Creed 4 trailer, which was stunning, although clearly not in-game, but one day the technology will be there to render this in real time. But what I realise, more than ever, is that we need to find a way to get narrower camera angles into game-play.

This clearly looks awesome

The fundamental problem is that narrow camera angles (e.g. close-up on characters) are awful for actually playing a game, but look really cool. This is a particular sub-case of the more general problem that the cooler a camera angle is, the less well it plays. But I reckon that if there was a way this could be achieved in gameplay, games could get increasingly more cinematic and interesting to watch. Generally for playing a game you want a FOV of 50 degrees or higher, but close-ups of 10 degrees or less look incredibly cool.

I’m really curious to hear peoples ideas on how this can be achieved, or indeed how this has been achieved (I haven’t played a huge amount of games recently!). One idea would be to have a 24-style split screen where one pane shows in-game while the other(s) show close-ups of heroes or villains reacting. Another would be to have an over the shoulder view, perhaps of an enemy looking at the player. This would leave a usable area of game world to navigate.


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