Ripple Dot Zero

For the last two days I’ve been absolutely loving a new game which was released, “Ripple Dot Zero”, a 16-bit styled game which is very like some console and computer games of the early 1990s. The game was created by PixelTruss software (, and I think they may have been a fan of the same Megadrive games that I was!


It’s a tribute to the likes of Strider and Sonic the Hedgehog in a very similar way to Street Fighter 4 being a tribute to Street Fighter 2 in that it absolutely nails what was awesome about the original games, and reproduces it perfectly and yet in a way that feels like something new. In fact I think that’s the most amazing part of it, it feels both completely familiar and completely new at the same time.

The best part is that despite working on the game for 4 years, they are allowing people to play the game absolutely for free! You can play Ripple Dot Zero by simply going to their website, I can only hope that this leads on to some kind of deal on other platforms: it would be amazing to get this game (and dare I hope, some sequels?) onto XBLA, PSN and Steam! Also, you absolutely have to play the game with sound because the soundtrack is phenomenal.

Press ‘F’ to make the game fullscreen, and although the game does not support joypads natively you can use a program called ‘xpadder’ to translate joypad presses into keystrokes. (I used version 5.3 of xpadder.)


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